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Whether you want to enjoy a show or two, blast off into space, or check out a garden in your own backyard, Glendale and the West Valley's vibrant cultural scene is sure to make your visit vibrant and fun!

Heritage, Arts, Culture

VisitGlendale.comGlendale is a city with a diverse history that is treasured not only by its residents and community members, but also by the visitors who come and experience the roots of the city. Cowboys, farmers and ranchers wove the fabric that is the Glendale of today and visitors are afforded a number of ways to catch a glimpse of these pioneers at the many cultural and heritage attractions within the city. Click on a link below to begin your journey…

  • The Early Years

  • Get Glendale Info
    Journey Glendale’s past with public art, historic ranches, National Register neighborhoods, museums and exhibits. Immerse yourself now in our walking tour.

  • Glendale's Growth - Timeline
    Travel through Glendale’s past and explore many important historical milestones.

  • Glendale 11 Arts and Culture Programs
    Glendale 11, the city’s cable station, brings you the latest news, information, events and people that make Glendale great. Watch and see why Glendale is the hottest sports and entertainment destination in Arizona! Glendale 11 airs on Cox and Qwest Channel 11, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

  • VisitGlendale.comGlendale Public Art Program (pdf)
    Art is a form of communication that can serve as a connection between citizens and the city in which they live. Thus, public art has the potential of fostering a sense of community identity. The City of Glendale firmly believes that public art is an essential element in instilling citywide pride and vitality, and therefore, takes its responsibility of enhancing citizens' experience of the arts seriously. Download the new Arts & Culture brochure which features selected artworks from the City of Glendale’s public art collection and corresponding map. To learn more about the city's art program, click here.

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